Day Porter Services

A day porter is responsible for making sure that your building and establishment are clean and presentable at all times. He/She makes sure everything is in place, especially between routine cleanup and maintenance activities. He/She efficiently operates in the background and does not intrude in the day-to-day activities of your establishment or building. Our professional and well–trained personnel are always friendly and courteous to your staff and customers. Our Day Porters work hard to ensure that your business is presentable.

A day porter can do a multitude of services. You will need to identify the specific help and services that you will need for them to efficiently help you. Generally, a day porter can perform the following services:

  • Waste Receptacle Removal
  • Litter Removal From Daily Traffic
  • Property Inspection
  • Signage Installation
  • Cleaning, Hand Picking & Disinfection
  • Trash Receptacle Wipe Down & Maintenance
  • Change And Reline Trash Receptacles
  • Graffiti Abatement
  • Cobweb Abatement
  • Window Washing
  • Dumpster Clean Up & Maintenance
  • Telephone Booth Cleaning
  • Newspaper Stand Cleaning
  • Painting

We take pride in ensuring your site is maintained at the highest level of cleanliness.