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At Tricon Group Inc., we have made it our top priority to become more environmentally friendly by creating and implementing #TriconGreen
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Salt Usage

During the winter season, Property Maintenance companies use massive amounts of salt to get rid of ice which poses a safety hazard to customers, employees, and the public. However, excess salt can be extremely wasteful and detrimental to plants and animals in the surrounding areas. When plants absorb too much sodium, it can significantly damage many species resulting in brown leaves, branch dieback, or even plant death. When excess salt runs into water systems, it poses a toxic and sometimes deadly threat to animals and aquatic life. To put it in perspective, one teaspoon of salt permanently pollutes five gallons of water. Overall, the US uses an average of 23 million metric tons of road salt, most of which will end up in our water.

At Tricon, we have worked on creating more sustainable ways to service through careful application and conscious efforts to continually reduce unnecessary road salt. Not only does this help decrease salt use for our customers by 25%, but it also reduces the environmental impact that we leave behind. We are committed to Salt Reduction practices that prioritize safety by using better equipment and more effective decisions. While it is important to keep your property safe and salted, Tricon Group has proven that you don’t need more to get the results you’re looking for.  


Janitorial Services

Even through our Janitorial Services, we keep the environment in mind. As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread nationwide, properties are being treated with an EPA-registered disinfectant that is effective against the new coronavirus. When it comes to cleaning products, not all of them are equally safe. Some cleaning products are hazardous and can contribute to a variety of human health and environmental impacts like air and water pollution, toxic exposures, ecosystem damage, climate change, and more. At Tricon Group, our team of trained experts use professional cleaning techniques and greener products that contribute to a healthier and cleaner office. But it gets better. Not only are these products safe for humans, but animals too. The cleaning chemicals we use are strong enough to kill germs and dirt on surfaces, yet gentle and safe enough for animals if they encounter it. Caring for the environment starts with the inside.

Tricon Group cares about the safety and well-being of the companies we serve, as well as the setting we are completing it in. By actively choosing cleaning chemicals that are safer and less destructive to the environment, we can reduce human health and environmental concerns that accompany cleaning

By creating more sustainable ways to maintain a property, we can invest in your business while simultaneously investing in the environment. Finding solutions to these types of problems can help us become more at ease knowing we are not adding pollution. We only have one planet, and we need to keep it as safe and clean as possible.
#TriconGreen represents the initiative that will lead to more sustainable and appropriate ways to a treat a property, while keeping Mother Nature in mind.

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